Dear Donor, Volunteer, & Charity,


    I am thrilled and honored to be a part of Care & Mercy Foundation. We have been raising money for over nine years. One of our key reasons for our success is the teamwork from its volunteer Fund Raising Board. As a team they gather their individual strengths to accomplish more than they ever could alone. They all have the individual motivation to give back to the local community.


    Our local community, North Texas, is in need as the gap grows between the resources available and family needs. The Care & Mercy Foundation raises money for charities with two key focuses. One is the Special Needs Children/Adults programs and the other is Veteran Programs. With over 88,000 Special Needs children/Adults in the North Texas Area, these programs are in need as children grow into adults and are in need of housing, training, jobs and an environment to be successful. We also have over 300,000+ Veterans living in the North Texas area and many have paid a huge price to defend our nation. Whether you support our governments actions or not, these Veterans deserve our support for their sacrifice.


    We partner with local charities that support these two segments and create events that raise money for these charities programs. We are our own 501C3, but in partnering with these charities, we desire their involvement and support in ensuring the success of each event.


    Thank you for visiting our site and be sure to review our events calendar to see some of the wonderful events we have planned. Also be sure to see some of the wonderful charities we support.


    Best Regards and may God Bless you.


    Blair Thomas

    Founder & Executive Director


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