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Giving is....What?

I recently was blessed to be teaching in my Bible Fellowship class (some call it Sunday school). I read a quote "Some people are so poor that all they have is money!" In thinking about this quote, I felt lead to share some thoughts on Giving.

Now there are many reasons that people give. One reason is that some consider it an Act of Worship. In Malachi 3:8-10, the author challenges us to test God on giving and see if God does not open the floodgates of Heaven. This statement is a tremendous promise from God, and many consider giving an act of Worship.


Others give to give back; giving back what they received when they were in need. Some call it "Pay-it-forward." In either case, it is a ripple effect of me giving to someone, and they give to someone else, and so on. This is giving that impacts others. Said another way, many people view the recipients as their motivation for giving.

Some people give due to the impact it has on their lives. "Wait, an impact on themselves?" Yes! Givers are happier. Acts 20:35 states "it is more blessed to give than to receive." And I agree with this statement for I have a great joy for my neighbor, friends, and family and a greater peace in my heart about myself. Giving gives peace of mind and peace of heart.

These are all good reasons to give, but the question remains “What can I give?” Many people reading this immediately think we are discussing money -- the sawbuck, C-note, or whatever term you choose to call your hard-earned dollars. Some of us are financially blessed and can share from an overflow of financial blessings. If this hits home with you, give generously!

I want to share what giving means to me; it is often more valuable than money. A very close friend told me about a realization he had one day when he was writing a check for a donation. He realized it was the cheapest way to give: Write a check and then forget about it. There was little or no emotional tie to the charity, the community , and people impacted. He discovered it was more valuable to give of himself -- his time and talents -- to someone or some cause. Giving of our time and talents is hard for most people.

It can be much easier to write the check and move on. But most charities need volunteers and support through your time and your network -- often more than your money. To give of yourselves means a commitment, and you leave something of yourself there. “No one person can do everything, but everyone can do something!” Please consider how you can impact your local community through giving: your time, your network, your talents, and your treasure.

Blair Thomas

Founder and Executive Director

Care and Mercy Foundation