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    Project Relo

    Project RELO missions provide superlative leadership training. Yet, even more importantly, participants develop a deep understanding about the character, quality, and full extent of our veterans’ skills. And with this understanding comes appreciation, and a desire to hire more of our former military members into our respective organizations. Project RELO then continues its veteran advocacy beyond the missions by helping firms establish, or improve existing, military hiring programs.

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    We Got Your Six

    We Got Your Six (“WGY6”) doesn’t dwell on how or why a veteran became homeless, our mission is to provide short term assistance with the goal for long term success to those that wish to change their lives for the better. It’s never easy to ask for direction and support, especially when one isn’t even sure of where to ask for such. WGY6 is here for those veterans willing and committed to helping us help them.

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    Children First is dedicated to providing for the mental health needs of children, adolescents and adults through counseling and education, with emphasis on the prevention of and recovery from abuse, neglect or other victimization.

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    Canine Companions for Independence is a non-profit organization that enhances the lives of children, adults and veterans with disabilities at no charge.


    We provide highly trained assistance dogs and ongoing support to ensure quality partnerships that leads to greater independence and confidence.


    The assistance dogs we breed, raise and train are not just the ears, hands and legs of their human partners but are goodwill ambassadors and often, their best friends.