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    Care & Mercy Foundation strives to be an organization that is God-Centered, reflecting the love of Christ by selflessly serving others. The Foundation serves others through supporting, enabling, and enhancing other charitable organizations. The Foundation helps in developing, executing, and achieving the fundraising goals of other charitable organizations. This Foundation focuses on the fundraising needs of organizations serving (1) Special Needs children and adults and (2) organizations serving Military Service Personnel (active duty, veterans, and their families). The Foundation provides both leadership in events and conducts turnkey events for these organizations.


    Care & Mercy Foundation produced results in two significant fundraising areas in 2016.


    The first and largest was the annual Gala and Golf Tournament. Over 275 individuals gave their time, talents and funds to support 2 charity organizations: Conley Foundation (military focus) and Canine Companions for Independence (service dogs for special needs children & adults, including military 'wounded warriors').


    The Foundation's second charitable accomplishment was the Foundation's "Poker Tournament Series." In two poker events during the year, over 200 participants gave generously to the Conley Foundation (military focus).


    In all, our grants impact military and special needs individuals in our community through other 501 c(3) organizations.