• Advisory Board

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    Sean Conley

    A longtime resident of Plano, Sean Conley has been many things over the years, from business owner to IT Contractor and valued employee. His drive and willingness to do for others has led him to volunteer his time to service of his fellow veterans.


    Sean served as a combat infantry soldier with the 7th Infantry Division. 10 years ago, Sean re-invested a large portion of his time into performing music, and as providence would have it, became involved with a military charity, via the introduction of other musicians. This led to other service opportunities, and has allowed Sean to expand on his giving and care for others.


    Sean is the proud father of three, and grandfather of 2, and a very lucky husband to what he calls “the pretty redheaded girl”.

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    Dylan Rafaty

    Dylan Rafaty is an author, self-advocate, and founder of DylanListed® LLC. Due to his personal experience as a hearing-impaired student in Special Education, Dylan acquired a special understanding of and sensitivity to the needs of youth in Special Education and the transition to the world after high school. During his time working at Life Time Fitness in Plano, he found his joy and special skills in helping to make departments more cohesive in order to better serve the members. This natural extrovert self-published a book/memoir and then started a company that is rooted in the core belief that the total life experience of students of Special Education-turned differently-abled adults, matters, and especially their participation in the American workplace.


    At DylanListed, Dylan’s has a number of roles. Dylan donates his time and passion to several non-profit partners that serve and advocate for individuals with disabilities and is a frequent public speaker before educators, students and adults with disabilities and businesses across the country. Dylan also meets with every stakeholder (businesses, nonprofits, service providers, local/state governments, etc.) beginning in his home area, the North Texas area, to address the concerning needs for people with disabilities. Dylan recently took on voluntary roles serving as Chairman for the Social Responsibility Committee at IAICDV, Plano ISD Special Education Advisory Board Committee and on the Texas Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities.


  • Financial Information

    Care & Mercy Foundation produced results in two significant fundraising areas in 2016. The first and largest was the annual Gala and Golf Tournament. Over 275 individuals gave their time, talents and funds to support 2 charity organizations: Conley Foundation (military focus) and Canine Companions for Independence (service dogs for special needs children & adults, including military 'wounded warriors').


    The Foundation's second charitable accomplishment was the Foundation's "Poker Tournament Series." In two poker events during the year, over 200 participants gave generously to the Conley Foundation (military focus). In all of 2016, Care & Mercy Foundation gave $51,500 in grants. These grants supported hundreds of individuals and families through the grant-receiving organizations (exact numbers were not provided to our Foundation).


    If you would like a copy of CMF’s 2016 Tax Return, please send a request to contact@cmftexas.org.

    Our financial information is public record.